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Kingfisher Welcome to Ichikawa Japanese Sushi Bar, Port Townsend's only traditional Japanese restaurant.Ichikawa has been a staple in Port Townsend since the early 2000’s, serving the best Japanesecuisine and fresh seafood in town, (some say, the best in Washington state).Ichikawa is a city of over 4000 residents located near the top of Tokyo Bay, 20 miles from Tokyocity. Ichikawa-Shi translates to “Marketplace River” and is situated on the alluvial plain of the Edogawa River. The city of Ichikawa-Shi was founded in 1943 and became the sister city to Port Townsend in 2002.

Kingfisher Logo Our logo of a Kingfisher was chosen for two reasons. The first being that the Kingfisher,(Kawasemi in Japanese), is a river bird, making its home where there are numerous fish available. The second reason is that we have a nesting pair that live behind our restaurant. Itonly seemed natural to incorporate the Kingfisher into our logo.